What is Amazon FBA?

As one of the tech giants, Amazon continues to offer profits with its high profit margin and minimal hassle for those who prefer it. People who are new to the e-commerce industry, for example, start asking what Amazon FBA is and try to build their stores in the virtual world. Apart from online shopping, it offers many services to its users. However, ordinary individuals also visit Amazon directly when they want to buy products online. For this reason, the company manages to attract many virtual users. At the same time, those who want to sell products online spend a lot of time evaluating the market here. In the end, they can increase their sales by interacting with millions of people on the platform. In our content, we answer questions in the style of Amazon FBA, which offers sellers incredible convenience.

The Amazon FBA system is designed to solve the warehousing and logistics problems of product sellers. It is enough to send the goods to be sold to the warehouses. Then the company’s employees will take care of the storage, shipping, and even returns for you.

Advantages of selling with Amazon FBA

When you get into a standard e-commerce system, the platform allows you to connect with as many customers as possible. This platform does not host warehousing and logistics and requires you to take care of them. If you only work with a good supplier, you do not have to do it yourself. However, since suppliers do not have organic connections with sales pages, you’ll have to make an extra effort to find a good supplier. With Amazon FBA, when you send goods to the warehouse, they go directly into the care of the company. When a sale is made, your packages will be sent to your name and the customer’s address. With its decision to expand the floor, Amazon has made it possible for sellers on various online platforms to take advantage of this option. The benefits of Amazon FBA can be listed as follows;

amazon fba
  1. You will receive a high-quality service during the shipping phase.
  2. Compared to the normal freight prices, you can make transactions at affordable prices thanks to extensive offers.
  3. When return requests come, the company takes the necessary steps for you.
  4. They offer impeccable quality in terms of customer service.
  5. They can stock all your products in very small quantities.
  6. Delivered to Amazon’s warehouses or fulfillment center.
What is Amazon Fba?

Is there a charge for Amazon FBA?

Under normal circumstances, structures that bring together customers and sellers in the field of the e-commerce offer various options to their users. Similarly, Amazon has prepared individual and professional account options for its sales targets. To open an Amazon individual account, you do not have to pay an initial fee. But as you can imagine, you are subject to certain limitations. For example, you can list a maximum of 40 products in the Amazon store. Again, Amazon charges a commission fee per product sold, and the remaining amount is added to your account. If you opt for the professional account, you’ll pay $39.99 per month and you’ll exceed the product listing limit while the commission rates go down.

If you are new to trading with the new generation, you can start with an individual account and then switch to a professional account depending on your progress.

Methods for selling products on Amazon

The trading systems, which have been worked out in detail over time and specialized in some methods, offer users a wealth of marketing options. For example, if you want to sell online with Amazon FBA, you can easily benefit from many methods. The Amazon FBA selling methods are as follows:

  1. Dropshipping
    In the dropshipping-based based system, you can generate income by adding your commission to the products you buy from stores and wholesalers. It is also possible to reduce the supplier’s share by keeping the products in Amazon warehouses. Therefore, you will find that the interruptions will be reduced if you make the process in drop shipping in this way.
  2. Private Label
    In this way, you can do your market research, marketing, and logo design and find a response on Amazon. While you can easily track the product, you have the opportunity to introduce your brand to the whole world thanks to your reference.
  3. Wholesale
    If you have the opportunity to buy goods to be sold wholesale with suitable arrangements, we can suggest you a rating by specifying the wholesale method.This is because wholesalers can charge more favorable prices as you pay for all the goods at once without waiting for customer orders.

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