Is Dropshipping Possible in Facebook Market?

While Facebook, the hub of social networks, is becoming a huge company, it continues to work to satisfy its users. People wondered when the social media would incorporate the e-commerce sector, as it now offers various features. In the past, Facebook Marketplace was prepared and made available to users for those who want to sell using dropshipping or other methods. We can say that through some platforms, ways to dropshipping have been opened in the Facebook Marketplace.

Here you can sell the goods you normally have, or you can simply post the products of the company you have an agreement with for a commission, increasing your earnings without incurring any costs. Since the system is new and frankly not yet fully established, the questions about dropshipping on Facebook are voiced by everyone. To answer the question marks, we have endeavoured to provide details in our content today.

How to Dropshipping on Facebook

It’s well known that Facebook, which has taken the Internet by storm since the mid-2000s, cares about its former users. If you look at the marketplace movements, older accounts have priority when it comes to creating stores and listing products. If you have the goal of dropshipping on Facebook, accounts that were created in earlier times are beneficial. However, an account that was opened before 2019 is perfectly sufficient. Then you need to edit the data in the public section of the account. In order to make money with Facebook Dropshipping, you need to indicate your location as a settlement in the UK. This creates a positive image when it comes to building trust with customers and selling products with dropshipping on Facebook Market.

How to Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace

dropshipping in the Facebook

Citizens of some countries are prohibited from selling through the UK from their current location. Even if the system does not allow it at the moment, you need to change your Facebook Dropshipping location settings, phone and computer location to the UK. If you want to check if the steps to sell items on Facebook Marketplace are correct, try sending a text message to someone trading in the UK after the location adjustment. If the message transmission works properly, there is no problem with the location. For example, if you have the goal of making money on Facebook Marketplace and you do not fully master the location settings, you will unfortunately not be able to achieve your goal.

The eBay platform will help us to trade on Facebook. After connecting your accounts to this platform, where you can place orders with credit card or Paypal, go to the category of best-selling products. You can say that more than 1500 products that are tracked or sold are usually not in your hand. Make a selection from the listed product alternatives, add them to the Facebook Marketplace list and start promoting.

How to Get Facebook Dropshipping Payment

At the beginning of the problems that worry people is again payment. After all, the fact that transactions and trade take place entirely in a virtual environment sometimes leads to not knowing how to do it. You can use Transferwise or Paypal to receive dropshipping payments on Facebook. For example, if Paypal, which is mostly preferred for international money transfers, is not available in your country, you can try Transferwise. You can make sure that the transactions are done automatically by linking your Paypal and Transferwise accounts, If you ask how to get dropshipping payments on Facebook market, you will be offered various methods. However, we can say that this is the fastest and shortest way.

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