How to Start Free Dropshipping in 2022? 5 Tips

Although you want to start dropshipping, you may not know how to start or how much money you need. Although the idea of ​​free dropshipping is attractive to people, usually the desired things cannot be obtained as a result of research. When you aim to start a business under normal conditions, besides labor and time, you have to spend money, albeit in certain amounts. Doing dropshipping for free is not possible if you pay attention to certain details. If you are wondering about how to do free dropshipping in 2022, you can benefit from our sharing that we mentioned with 5 different tips.

What is Dropshipping?

First of all, when you understand the logic of dropshipping, you will realize what requirements the dropshipping model has. As we mentioned, the first answer to be given when asked what is dropshipping is to sell without requiring stock. Because in this system, it is not your responsibility to physically store the products. You simply communicate with customers through your online store and forward the incoming orders to the dropshipping supplier. We would like to underline that these processes take place within seconds with the developing systems. Your drop shipping supplier then initiates the order’s delivery process and ships it on your behalf. The structure that delivers the order to your customer without even having to touch the products and earns you commissions in this way is called dropshipping.
Since dropshipping is very attractive in terms of advantages, many entrepreneurs have turned their trade in this direction. Ultimately, when you look at other methods, you have to implement a large-scale working system, from the high capital required to the physical handling of the business. However, most of them are not drop-shipping and you are only expected to attract the attention of the users through promotions and advertisements. If you say what are the advantages of dropshipping, we can list it as follows;

1-Earn more money.

If you understand and embrace the dropshipping process, your earnings are no limit. Because you can sell products to millions of people and you have the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of lira since you carry out the trade online.

2-Being the boss of your job.

If you are working in a normal job, you need to get on well with your managers and subordinates apart from the job you do. You will also have to compromise yourself as you will have to keep up with the bureaucracy. The method of making money with dropshipping promises to be your boss. Thus, by determining your strategies and controlling your system, you will be able to earn more than you can achieve with your profession by not taking orders from anyone.

3-Not sticking to one point.

All you need to open a dropshipping store and then manage the system is an internet connection. As a result, you are not tied to any point physically. You can even manage the entire process with your online communication, without being in the same place with the suppliers.

5 Tips to Start Dropshipping Free in 2022

If you are new to the dropshipping model, we can say that the initial explanation will be useful for you. Now we can list the 5 tips we will talk about for starting free dropshipping.

1-You start dropshipping for free, but you may have to spend money afterward.

In the first place, you can perform basic functions such as creating a store and listing products for free. However, if you set out with the full intention of starting a business, you have to accept that sooner or later certain amounts will come out of your pocket. For this reason, you should leave aside the completely free dropshipping logic.
For example, if you want extensive features in terms of store level or product listing, you should join the premium members of the platform you are on and thus spend money. Again, if you aim to bring your products to customers easily, you should make advertisements. The advertising and promotion budget will also come out of your pocket as you do not have any earnings at the beginning. Therefore, you should know that there will be situations where you will spend money on certain processes, regardless of the timing.
If you want to do dropshipping for free despite everything, of course, there is no need to spend at the beginning. Although the dropshipping store can be maintained without spending any money, it will take a little longer for customers to see you and place an order.

2-You can extend the Shopify trial period.

In this article, we will give tips on those who intend to sell products with dropshipping through Shopify. Shopify is software that makes it possible to create and sell online stores without the need for any software, coding, or server knowledge. During the 14-day trial period, you can edit your page as you wish and use advanced features. When you go to the support section near the end of the period and request an extension, you can experience advanced features for a certain time.

3-Dropshipping preparation.

Whether you started with Shopify or you have completely undertaken all the operations with an e-commerce site, you should finish your preparations before opening your store. Because from the moment you open your store, the visits of the customers gradually increase and the orders increase. If you have opened your page before you have reached a sufficient level, if you have made advertisements, there will always be a deficiency in the operation. Therefore, over time, you will lose customers and you will lose your opportunity to earn.

4-Don’t waste money learning drop shipping.

When you start your research on selling online, you will come across a lot of courses and training sets. You do not need to take any of these. Because making money in dropshipping depends on experience, experience. You can find basic information on the internet at no cost.

5-Make store and product promotions for free.

If you have opened your virtual shop and slowly started to list your products, now is the time for promotion and advertising. If you don’t have the money to devote to an advertising strategy at the beginning, you can try free advertising methods. For example, if you edit your content by SEO rules, your products will appear higher in search engines such as Google and you will notice customers’ visits. You can also create a profile for your store on social networking sites and promote your products without any expense.

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