How to find Aliexpress suppliers for Shopify?

Shopify is now the preferred software system for anyone interested in e-commerce. Working with Aliexpress suppliers for Shopify, which allows you to manage the entire process from a single point and provides convenience at all steps during the sale, will further speed up the processes. This is because Aliexpress is also a global company and includes an international customer-seller portfolio. Therefore, the only goal is to offer the products cheaply and deliver them to the buyers as soon as possible. Thanks to the convenience of the Shopify system, these stores allow you to publish products with your supplier agreements on Aliexpress while creating a virtual store without technical knowledge of any software or server. In this model, which uses drop shipping logic, there is no need for a warehouse, and you also have no hassle when delivering orders.

However, newcomers to this sector have difficulty finding suppliers. In today’s article, we discussed how you can find Aliexpress suppliers for Shopify, and we explain how you can meet with reliable wholesalers.

Aliexpress suppliers for Shopify

Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers

Everyone who wants to sell or buy products on the Internet will drop by Aliexpress one day. After all, you can find almost any type of product you are looking for at the company headquartered in China, where the largest production facilities in the world are located. It’s a fact that wholesalers continue to exist and even make more sales from physical stores. Moreover, if you are wondering how to find a dropshipping supplier for Shopify, you can offer services to those who are setting out to get their hands on the goods.

For example, if you are looking for a product, you have probably seen a lot of options. Just as you rate products according to certain criteria when buying them, you need to make similar assessments when choosing an Aliexpress dropshipping supplier. Otherwise, you will lose customers over time, even if you work with a supplier that ships orders late.


If you have created a Shopify account, you can add products to your store from Aliexpress in a very easy way. The plugin is called Oberlo. All you have to do in Oberlo is to select the product, it automatically handles all the details about the product for you.

Find a Shopify supplier on Aliexpress.

When you start looking for wholesalers or browse their virtual platforms, pay attention to which platforms you work with. For example, it is a serious indication if you have meaningful studies for the country where your target audience is located. It’s also important to have a broad product portfolio and a reasonable price range. Of course, when evaluating according to this condition, you should not give preference to Aliexpress providers if Shopify’s quality is poor, but choose the most favorable one. After listing certain criteria according to your product and understanding of work, go to Aliexpress. Evaluate the wholesalers that list the products you want to sell and make notes about them. In the last phase, consider the comments as well as your ratings, contact some of them and try to come to an agreement.

When we talk about how to find Shopify suppliers, the integration of the company with the mentioned platform provides an additional advantage. Since you will manage all conceivable operations from here, some possible issues may hinder your sale. Again, you can minimize the problems by turning to wholesalers that specialize in certain products. For example, using different suppliers for shoes and clothing will generally reduce the risk. Therefore, take plenty of time to select suppliers and start advertising and campaigning after the products have been traded.

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